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Why invest in a slurry separator?

  1. The separated liquid contains an increased level of nitrogen with improved soil percolation capability resulting in higher crop nitrogen uptake.

  2. The separated liquid will not stick to or stain grass thus eliminating the risk of reduced intake when grazing.

  3. Trailing shoes and dribble bars tend to lay whole slurry in lines that can sometimes sit on the surface for long periods and subsequently cause contamination of silage crops.

  4. The absence of large solid particles makes application of separated liquid with dribble bars and trailing shoes easier reducing the time and cost of spreading.

  5. There is no requirement to agitate the separated liquid.

  6. The separated liquid fraction poses lower risk to waterways due to lowered phosphate content.

  7. The volume of separated liquid reduces by 10% to 25% from the original volume.

  8. Transport costs for separated solids are lower than transporting whole slurries.

  9. The separated solid can be used as a bedding material.

  10. 40% grant available under TAMS.

  11. The separated solids can be applied to arable land as a soil conditioner or further processed e.g., anaerobically digested, composted, dried, pelleted, soil amendment or for fuel production.


Trailing shoes and dribble bars tend to lay whole slurry in lines that can sometimes sit on the surface for long periods and can contaminate the next silage crop.


Mecàniques Segalés S.L. is a family-owned company founded in 1966 with its manufacturing facility in Barcelona, Spain.

Since 2004, the company has been dedicated exclusively to the manufacture of products related to slurry from the inside of the farm to the outside, with the most sophisticated treatment systems for the revaluation or purification of slurry.

Segales Screw Press Separator
Completely built in stainless steel, ideal for working with slurry.
The tungsten coating gives the steel spiral screw greater wear resistance and a longer useful life, without affecting the characteristics of the work.
A labyrinth device prevents liquid entering the gearbox, providing sealing between the screw and the gearbox and preventing its deterioration.
Large hatch, facilitates an internal inspection of the sieve.
The floating sieve is centered on both sides guaranteeing a perfect coupling with the spiral, obtaining a greater performance and duration of the sieve and the spiral.
Triangular mesh sieve Aisi-316, either standard or extra-reinforced prevents solid particles from clogging the sieve.
Possibility 0.25 - 0.5 - 0.75microns
Solid plug signal detector, stops the operation of the pump and the separator in case of non-compaction.
Front neck with hinge, which allows the manipulation of thread and sieve facilitating the maintenance functions of the equipment.
Adjustable collar, allows us, in case of change of% of solid material of the slurry, adapt it to ensure maximum performance.
Different models, depending on the slurry to be treated
MS100     4 kW      6 - 30 m3 /h
MS250      5.5 kW       10 - 40 m3 /h
MS300  7.5 kW   15-60 m3 / h
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