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Flexible in height and diameter

Due to the flexible dimensions, the PAS corrugated plate silo can be placed almost anywhere on any surface.

The tank construction is composed of plates with a profile and arched in the correct radius. The plates are connected to each other by means of bolts.

The galvanized plates and an extra coating for protection make the silo a sustainable solution for the storage of manure.


Dimensions and possibilities

The PAS corrugated plate silo is available in volumes from 6m³/1,320gallons to approx. 2,232 m³/ 491,040 gallons and in heights up to 6.10 meters. The diameters vary from ø 1.82 to ø 30.97 m.

The tank panels are connected to each other by bolts, nuts and washers. The bolt head and washer are pressed into the same shape as the wave and guarantees a much more solid connection. As a result, many plate connections with a single bolt row suffice. This simplifies and speeds up installation considerably and results in enormous savings in labor costs.

The PAS corrugated plate silo can be fitted with a floating deck of reinforced PVC or even a tension cover.

PAS corrugated plate silo: assembly

Concrete slabs are placed on a clean sand bed with a small slope of standard 30 cm. The manure silo is built up element by element by hand (due to its low weight) by our experienced technicians.

The plates are joined together with special, newly developed bolt sets with bolt rows and thus built ring by ring. A felt hangs on the inside of the plates to protect the inner lining. The outside of the silo is replenished with soil all around.

  • Equipped with filling / removal station 6 ”

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