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Bimulac® Extra, A Step Ahead in Diarrhoea Prevention                        

Bimulac® Extra Contains real


Diarrhea infections in calves result in reduced daily gain and increase the risk of mortality in early life. Even when the calf survives, a high incidence of disease in the new-borns will have a negative impact on lifetime performance.

During the first days of life a calf can be challenged by a number of different pathogens such as E. Coli, Clostridia, Rotavirus, Crypto etc. An undeveloped immune system results in a higher vulnerability to environmental pathogens. This vulnerability is intensified by various management factors such as a lack of energy, bad housing and hygiene conditions or environmental stress.

Feed 10gr per day

from day 2 to 10 


A Synergistic Combination for Your Calves

Bimulac® Extra is a combination of natural bovine colostrum powder and microbiota stabilizing pro- and prebiotics to strengthen the local immunity in the intestine of the calf.

  • The natural bovine colostrum powder which is rich in a wide variety of immunoglobulins helps to establish the local immunity in the gastrointestinal tract. Additionally, the bovine colostrum delivers bioactive substances such as various growth factors, immune factors, and antimicrobial factors. Altogether they stimulate the gut development and the development of the innate immune system.

  • The probiotics (BioPlus®) that are included in Bimulac® Extra inhibit the growth of various pathogens via synthesized bioactive substances. At the same time, the growth of beneficial microorganisms in the intestine is promoted.

  • The third ingredient of Bimulac® Extra is the prebiotic, derived out of yeast cell walls. This prebiotic helps to prevent the adhesion of pathogenic bacteria to the intestinal wall.

Therefore, pathogens suffer adverse conditions in the intestine of calves supplemented with Bimulac® Extra and the pathogenic pressure in the gastrointestinal tract is reduced.

Bimulac® Extra (Trials):

The efficacy of Bimulac® Extra was tested on a large German agricultural cooperative. 601 new-born calves were supplemented with 10gr Bimulac® Extra per head per day from the 2nd until the 8th day of life.

Calves supplemented with Bimulac® Extra had an increase in average daily weight gain of 9% during the period of supplementation. This positive effect lasted through 42 days post feeding.

The group of calves supplemented with Bimulac® Extra also had

  • 42% less suffering from high grade diarrhea compared to the control

  • 15% less cases of pneumonia 

  • 31% less cases of navel inflammation.  


In summary, the application of Bimulac® Extra had a significant positive impact on performance and disease reduction in the trial.

10gr per calf from day 2 to day 10.

1kg will treat 11 calves

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