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Closed Self-Supporting Tank

Benefits Include

  • Storage Away from Stormwater: You Will Spread Only Stored Volume.

  • Safety of People: No Risk of Falling.

  • Economic Solution.

  • No Work Permit.

  • Closed Long-Term Storage: No Evaporation, No External Contamination.

  • Ease of Implementation.

  • Moveable.

  • Little Maintenance.

  • High Strength and Durability.

  • Restricts the Spread Of Odours.

Manufactured in France since 1958. Labaronne produce 3,000 tanks each year

Technical Features


  • Technical fabric FALi 14: Technical fabric in polyester thread high tenacity, woven and double sided PVC coating.

  • Special two-sided varnish finish and UV stabilized for maximum lifespan – 1400 g/m2 – 100 % recyclable.

  • Technical fabric developed specifically for our range of flexible tanks for effluents storage.

  • Two-sided varnish fabric for better resistance to fermentation products.


  • Assembled by high frequency welding according to manufaturing standards in our production unit certified ISO 9001.

  • Reinforcements at the level of openings guarantee of an excellent mechanical holding and a perfect waterproofness.

  • 100% made in France.


  • 10 years guarantee: 100 % against all material (technical fabric) and manufacture (welding) defects.