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NetSilo 40,000 Gallons - 275,000 Gallons

The Netsilo tank is a good option for farmers in need of a manure tank suitable for storage of volumes from 192m³ to 1382m³/304,040 gallons. This tank can be placed on virtually any clear space and with its maximum height of 3 metres, it is the ideal height for mixing and emptying with a discharge station.

With this tanks simple construction, installation and delivery can be achieved with ease, allowing for a quick and easy solution. The tank can store all types of slurry and different foil membranes can be selected for the pocket depending on the type of manure you’re using.

The Netsilo is a very practical option on rented land

Various mixing systems are available even with a floating cover.

The Netsilo system is fully certified with KOMO-KIWA certificate. It also comes with a ten-year fabric warranty and is fully compliant with Dutch Manure Silo Construction Guidelines. The system further benefits from short construction time and no need for a concrete base.

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