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Indoor calf housing
Invet modular calf pen

Invet modular calf pens are made from high grade polyethylene that gives them strength but also a smooth surface that is easily cleaned

modular cal pen design

The modular design of the Invet pens allows for back to back configuration

Invet pens measure 1.94m X 1.35m 
giving calves a generous 2.6m square meters of lying space.
Pens come with vents on the side and rear that can be closed when not required.
Calf pens extras

All pens come with the following as standard


 1) 6 litre bucket for water.

 2) 7 litre bucket with teat for milk

 3) Waterproof box for meal feeding

​ 4) 2.5 litre bottle for milk

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