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Installing cubicles, what not to do!!

The majority of new cubicles in Ireland are hung from horizontal pipes. However just because the majority do it, that still does not make it right.

If the cow was involved in the decision making process she would remove the bottom bar and hang each cubicle from a vertical post.

Removing the bottom horizonal bar allows cows to lung forward unimpeded.

Wilsons cubicles are a good example of how cubicles should be installed. The white cow has her leg extended in a natural position in front of her. How could she do this if there was a horizontal bar in front of her and 30cm from the ground? The horizontal bar at 1m from the ground prevents cows from walking through.

Dr Nigel Cooke of University of Wisconsin demonstrating how this Artex manufactured loop has been designed to hang on a rail but does not impede cow lunging.

This might be an old picture but there are plenty cubicles still being installed that are impossible for a cow to manage


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