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Dr Phil Poulton chronicles the experience of a farmer in Vic. Australia using the lifting harness.

After 12 days of nursing this Murray Grey heifer finally recovered from her calving paralysis. The farmer implemented gold standard nursing and using the harness to achieve an excellent result.

She was lifted 3 or 4 times each day to allow the circulation in the legs to recover. This was only possible by using the harness, a hip clamp would have damaged the cow over that number of lifts.

The farmer found the harness very easy and convenient to use as its left in place between lifts. Also easy to take her outside for a pick of grass every now and then.

Regular lifting and nursing in a confined pen with lots of deep, soft bedding is essential

Starting to take her own weight so the harness is lowered a little. If she was to stumble she'll only fall a little way into the harness, which is acting as a 'safety net' and no harm can be done

In between lifts the harness is tied tightly to make sure her legs don't get tangled up in the straps

Progressing in her recovery

Easy to move her around without any risk of injury

Take her outside for a drink at the trough

Starting to stand nicely now 12 days on

Fully recovered!


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