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With over 5 million mats installed worldwide, Mayo are the number 1 choice for discerning livestock owners


•    The Original Mayo mat is the only product on the market with a proven lifespan of over 25 years

•    Mayo mats are much softer than rubber and will never go hard, therefore more comfortable, and increased lying times. 

•    Mayo mats will never become abrasive – reduction in hock damage.

•    Mayo Formulation EVA is the highest-grade range of EVA animal beds available on the market.

•    They do not rip and tear like rubber mats as EVA is a far more stable structure.

•    They do not pit and hollow like leading competitor’s mattresses do.

•    Mayo mats are 100% non-absorbent so you can be sure they are harbouring no nasty bugs inside. Nothing gets in or out of a Mayo Mat – the ultimate in hygiene.

•    Mayo mats do not harden like rubber mats do – the air graded between the cells to give the mat its softness and permanent cushioning cannot escape – just as nothing can get in!

•    Mayo is the only range completely devoid of inert fillers like rubber which would compromise the structure of the compound, and therefore its durability.

•    No quibble guarantee when laid and used as recommended

•    Almost 100% insulating making for a warm environment.

•    The product is tested independently and scientifically to be much more comfortable than traditional rubber floors.