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The Mayo Original Stable Mat is made of a more densely packed formulation than the Mayo Mattress which means it is not just as plush a cushion but what it lacks in luxury it more than makes up in practicality with a 30+ year proven performance

Save Money on Loose Bedding

The only loose bedding required is to absorb moisture which also saves time on mucking out. Perfect for animals with respiratory ailments


Lightweight & Easy Clean

Weighing in at <12KG per bed, a Mayo Original can be lifted and carried with ease. A time saver being easy to clean with the flick of a brush or a wash down

Hygienic & Odour Reducing

As the Mayo formulation EVA is non-absorbent it cannot harbour bacteria bringing market-leading hygiene and odour reduction properties to the stable.

Consistent Comfort

Due to the high quality formulation of the Mayo Original it will never harden and is virtually impossible to wear out; thus providing consistent comfort and shock-absorbency. A great solution for animals with any leg ailments

Welfare Focused

Mayo have been producing animal beds for over thirty years and have been at the forefront of animal bed innovation for the duration. Our range of beds are designed around animal welfare and comfort 


No Cheap Fillers

We manufacture our beds using the highest quality materials with absolutely no cheap fillers. The mats are superior quality and the Mayo Original is a front runner 30 years on.

Mayo Guarantee

The Mayo Original has a 10 year no-quibble guarantee. Life-expectancy is over 20 years