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Sell Surplus Colostrum


ISR, is a subsidiary of Biochem based in Lohne in North Western Germany. The company consists of an interdisciplinary team of scientists, farmers and process technologists with over 30 years of experience in the development and production of innovative food additives and supplements for a wide range of industries.


To satisfy an increasing demand for quality colostrum, ISR have teamed up with to source colostrum from Irish dairy farms and transport the frozen colostrum to Germany for processing.


We are offering suppliers a business relationship that will be mutually beneficial. We will pay a premium price for surplus colostrum with a minimum 20 reading on the Brix Refractometer.


We supply the plastic containers, a refractometer and a chest freezer.


The colostrum needs to be frozen directly after milking. Once the freezer is near full, let us know and we will organise collection.


The quantity collected will be acknowledged via a delivery note.


Payment will be made when the precise quantities and quality is determined upon delivery to the facility in Germany.

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