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The importance of getting good quality colostrum into new-born calves as quickly as possible after birth cannot be overstated. However, the practicalities of an extremely heavy workload on dairy farms can often result in this fundamental requirement for optimum calf health not being achieved consistently.

What happens when a heifer who may not have much milk calves during the night? What happens when a cow has poor quality colostrum? These unprotected calves will be the first calves to get sick but due to them shedding large amounts of infectious pathogens, disease can quickly spread to all calves sharing the same environment.

The coloQuick thaw unit is not just a machine, it is an integral component of a labour-saving protocol that will guarantee that all calves receive high quality colostrum within 2 hours of being born.

As soon as the calf is born, you insert 1 x 4 litre bag of frozen colostrum into the unit. The unique rotation mechanism within the coloQuick unit can thaw 2 x 4litres of colostrum and deliver it at 38°c, ready for feeding, in 20 minutes.

We have such confidence in the product that coloQuick will give a full refund on your purchase if you are not happy after 4 months usage.

Give me a call to discuss how we could put a protocol in place that we guarantee will improve calf health and performance.

coloquick unit
Alistair Thompson, Co Tyrone milking 600 cows avg 8,500litres.

“We have only been using the coloQuick thaw unit for a few months and have seen an immediate improvement in calf health. We are calving a lot of cows so we wanted a system that would not increase workload. We would not be without the coloQuick now and would highly recommend it”

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