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The early warning system for calf diseases detects outbreaks of disease up to 3 days in advance and can be used from day 1 for calves kept individually. Save time and money by detecting and treating scours, lung disease and navel infections early. Use our patented sensor system to support animal monitoring for more productive calf management.



The sensor system is attached to the fence of the calf pen or to the rods of a calf pen (single housing). Then this optical sensor records the behavior pattern of the calf. This data is sent to the gateway.  There, an algorithm starts to identify disease-prone calves. The disease-prone calves are displayed in the Calf Monitoring App. Immediate notifications (push messages or instant notifications) inform the farmer as soon as possible about calves that are susceptible to disease. In the app, illnesses, treatments and temporal progressions can be documented and viewed.

The expected lifetime of each sensor is 4 – 6 years.