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  • Mayo Stall Mattresses are a super soft, hard wearing cushion. They are 44mm (1 3/4″) deep x 1.8 meters (6′) long with a slightly raised surface and shallow circular feet to the underside.

  • Mayo stall mats are specially formulated to give maximum cushioning, offering your animals the very best comfort available today, and ensuring you reap the benefits of happier healthier cows.


10 Year Guarantee

44mm Mattress 

100% Waterproof

  • They are 100% non-absorbent, can be power washed and are not damaged by any sanitizing agents including lime, thereby offering the very best in hygiene. The surface is completely non-abrasive for comfort and the slightly raised underside promotes air circulation.

  • They mattresses are manufactured from a single layer, closed cell foam. This means that there is no top cover to wear or split and the product itself can never collapse and go hard, even over time.

Variety of Sizes

Individual stall mattresses are available in a variety of sizes from 1.0 meters (3’4″) to 1.22 (4′) meters wide depending on your requirements ensuring you always get the size you need.

Individual stall mattresses can be fitted into any stall or stable and can also be joined on-site using the Mayo joining strip, to give a continuous floor, making them the most versatile soft floor on the market.

Consider this

  • Using just 2kgs less material in our mats would  make them 10% cheaper to produce, but they would spread and curl.

  • Using inferior bonding materials such as clay or rubber would make our mats 15% cheaper, but they would crack and tear.

  • Mayo Mats are your guarantee of comfort, hygiene and long-term peace of mind.